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I'm at Yam's house, and it's too early in the morning :x Yam, Adi, Shira and I went to a party in some club. It was pretty fun (even though the music wasn't as good as always), until Yam got too drunk and we needed to take care of her... actually, we still do, and it's not fun at all. Yam, if you'll read this later- this is the stupidest thing you did lately >O
Everybody are sleeping now, but I decided I won't (for a change). and wait 'till I'll get home.

Before that, I went to Shira for a few days, and we had a really great time :] it was really fun to be with a friend for a while. I bought a lot of things (like make-up and comic books :P), and we saw movies such as The Brothers Grimm (which I really liked except for the part with the kitty :x), the new movie of Final Fantasy ("Advent Children"?!), and Sin City.

So, Good Morning everyone!
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